Amerindian Astrology - what is your amerindian sign ?

Each person represents a protective animal. This animal reflects your personality and your way of being.
Discover quickly what your sign is and what it means. 


20th March – 19th April: Falcon 

The Falcon is a born leader; he represents the sign of the chiefs. The Falcon's need and desire to triumph are powerful, which means he/she is often considered vain and arrogant. He/she is persistent, has a sense of initiative, enterprise and action. 

Like the Falcon that flies high up in the sky, those of this sign see far and high: thus they are often seen as visionaries, ahead of their time. The Falcon is very impulsive and has to learn to temper their instincts and develop a sense of empathy. 

His ideal partner is a Salmon or an Owl; signs that will help him become milder and moderate its impatience, violence and jealousy.



20th April – 20th May: Beaver 

Like the animal, people of this sign have the ability to easily adapt themselves to a new environment and to overcome obstacles.

The Beaver is stubborn and in order to avoid trouble, has to learn to not always do things his/her way. Beavers can also express signs nervousness and come across as arrogant.

On the contrary, the Beaver is extremely hardworking, voluntary, generous and loyal and we can count on his/her efficiency and desire to do well.

The Beaver doesn’t like conflicts and tries to avoid them, as well as being the perfect partner to found a family with, due to his/her stability and loyalty.  



21st May – 20th June: Deer 

The natives of the Deer are people that enjoy chatting, talking, conversing… in general, expressing themselves. They make excellent hosts for your dinners and parties you can count on them to bring the ambience and to entertain the audience! This character trait can be somewhat seen as similar to egocentricity, but it is not the case. Although the Deer is social, perseverant and sentimental, he/she can sometimes be seen as impatient, selfish, superficial, and have unexplained mood swings. But the Deer's taste for life, and general distractions, make him/her an appealing character and people appreciate his/her company. Deers are therefore generally well surrounded. 

The Deer's ideal partner is a Raven or an Otter, capable of moderating his impatient and agitated character. . 


21st June – 21st July: Woodpecker

The Woodpecker is not a migratory bird. His attachment to earth perfectly symbolizes the dependency of his roots and of the people born under the sign of the Woodpecker. Faithful and loyal, he is the ideal partner to start a family with.

The Woodpecker's sense of empathy and listening skills are strongly appreciated, however the Woodpecker must make sure to not forget his own feelings and needs.

In any kind of relationship (whether it be romantic, professional, familial or amicable), the Woodpecker requires attention. If he/she doesn’t find it he can become jealous and possessive.  

The Snake or the Beaver are potential ideal partners: the Woodpecker will find in them the tenderness and sensitivity he/she is waiting for, and these signs will be able to temper his anguish. 


22nd July – 21st August: Salmon

 Just like the salmon in the nature, the person born under this sign has the capacity to adapt to different environments, at the same time as being very attached to his/her native land, towards which he/she returns inexorably and regularly. 

The Salmon's sense of sacrifice is undeniable: the Salmon is ready to do anything for his own, which makes him a good father, or her a good mother, of a family.

Salmons often rely on their intuitions especially in terms of relationships: they know how to surround themselves with good people and don’t struggle to make new friends.

Sensuous and enthusiastic, they also have big appetites. Beware of overindulgence. This is something that the Owl and the Falcon will no doubt know how to control.  


22nd August – 21st September: Bear 

The Bear is without a doubt, the animal that represents the most pragmatism: in the nature, the female is in fact capable of postponing the pregnancy of her young ones, in order to wait for more convenient days. The Bear is therefore practical and methodical.  

The Bear is an excellent professor because he/she is patient and generous. He/she has the capacity to transmit and guide other better than any other astrological sign.  

Just like a teddy bear, he/she also know how to be tender and loving. On the other, he/she is capable of showing great violence and wildness… traits that he/she will have to control or learn to use for the right causes.  

The Goose or the Beaver will know how to bring Bears the stability they need and will show them how to release their emotions.


22nd September – 22nd October: Raven

The Raven is a good communicator and gives great important to expressing his ideas and emotions. As a natural charmer he/she has no difficulty in finding their place within a group.

Gifted with a strong natural energy, the Raven enjoys resolving problems and knows how to demonstrate diplomacy. He/she is also appreciated for his ability to see beyond the mere appearances. Ravens are people that you can count on: reliable, supportive and available. Nevertheless, the Raven must learn to only count on himself/herself and to live greater independence. The Otter and the Deer would most likely be good partners.


23rd October – 22nd November: Snake 

What characterizes the Snake the most and distinguishes it from other species is its capacity to transform itself and change it’s skin several times over it’s lifetime. Therefore, if you are the sign of the Snake, you possess a great capacity to change, to regenerate and to adapt yourselves. Like the animal, you possess a strong charisma and a power of seduction that you know how to use wisely. 

Snakes make excellent doctors, guides or professors, as they are extremely devoted and considerate. On the contrary, they can also demonstrate signs of stubbornness, be secretive or even cryptic, which may not be appreciate by some of the people that surround them. 

The Wolf and the Woodpecker make excellent partners and companions to the Snakes.


23rd November – 21st December: Owl  

The Owl possesses a strong capacity to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. In fact, they make excellent councilors and guides. 

People of this sign enjoy life passionately and are able to throw themselves into projects they feel ardent about. They live at 100 miles an hour, which often means that they are likely to make hasty decisions.

Nevertheless, they are appreciated for their enthusiasm and alertness. 

Falcons and Salmons make excellent partners and companions to Owls.


22nd December – 19th January: Goose

Perseverance is without a doubt the greatest quality of a Goose. In fact, the migration of Geese is an obvious natural feature, which demonstrates how they are willing to go so far as total exhaustion just to reach their objectives.

Due to their loyal and devoted characters, it is not surprising that Geese are likely to start a big family. 

People under the sign of the Goose are not only sociable and open-minded; they are also passionate and capable of dedicating their heart and soul to a specific cause. When they give themselves a goal, they are ready to go to all extremes just to get there. 

If these qualities are pushed to their extreme, they can turn into defaults: obsession or addiction.


20th January – 19th February: Otter 

The Otter is an excellent life partner due to their attentive, honest and loving nature. Just like the animal out in the wild, the people born under the sign of the Otter are playful, looking for amusement and entertainment in every aspect of life. Their sociable character means they appreciate life in the community, as well as being capable of great autonomy. Altruistic and devoted, the Otter is naturally oriented towards others. 

Otters also have a crazy and wacky side, which makes them extremely endearing. He/she can often be disobedient and rebellious. The Raven, Deer or the Falcon would make excellent companions to the Otter.


20th February – 19th March: Wolf

The natives of the Wolf are passionate. Gentle and affectionate they are very protective and keep a close eye on their loved ones.  

Just as the animal, the Wolf can seem mystical and mysterious, which can either attract or frighten his surroundings. 

Although he/she enjoys being surrounded by his own people, he/she has a great thirst for freedom and independence that you should not deprive him/her of if you want to make him/her happy

You must also beware because a Wolf that’s hurt can be very vindictive…

Signs such as the Woodpecker, the Bear and the Snake make perfect companions for the Wolf, who needs to feel loved and supported. 

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