My name is Harry Dolphore. I am a fortuneteller, shaman; people also call me “Shaman Achak”.

Today, I am offering you my powers of divination and of fortunetelling… For Free.

Why? To give back a bit of what was given to me by the Divinatory arts and to give to others some of the special powers that have been extremely useful to me, up until now.

My psychic powers, of fortune telling, I owe them to my Great Grandfather, who lived in Montana, North America. It is from him that, I received all my knowledge as a Shaman.

He was chosen and educated by the Shaman of an Indian Village, on the land of the Cheyenne, close to the Canadian Border.

Here in Europe we talk more of “Indian Magic”, but in reality it really consists of Shamanism: this fortunetelling art that is placed between Earth and the Sky, to help understand the language of the heavenly celestial bodies, to read into the future and to guide us in the present.

Exactly how I do it today by using his Amerindian Tarot… An ancient Tarot, inherited by the North American pioneers, and which has been in charge of magic throughout the centuries, through contact with Indian tribes and their chanting. Mine originates from my Grandfather Theodore, and is about 200 years old.

These are all the powers that I offer to share with you today.

In fact… there is something else that I will give you.

My ancestor left me with a chest, a treasure, which contains more than a 1000 Prophecies. 1000 scrolls on which, each day, he wrote down the prophecies that were transmitted to him by the spirits.

I will let you discover yours, by clicking on the link below and I will see you later.


Quote of the month : «  The one that doesn't dare, cannot complain of his bad luck  » 
Indian Proverb 

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