The Shaman, an intermediary between 2 worlds

The Shaman, an intermediary between 2 worlds, promoting Harmony on Earth

The term " Shaman " comes from the Siberian population the Tungusic and represents " one that has been transformed ". The Shaman is also " the one that sees ", " the one that knows" or even " the who that is shined upon ". Therefore, the Shaman is the carrier of universal wisdom. 

The lands of shamanism are spread out all around the world : Siberia, Northern Europe, ex-USSR, Japan, South America and North America... Thus, we find diverse shamanic systems, depending on the geographical origin of the Shaman. 

The shamans around the world...

Nevertheless, no matter what their origin is, the Shamans of the world share a commun role and function, the one of intermediary between two worlds, the visible world and the invisible. By entering in contact with the Spirit and the Spirits, their mission is to bring peace and harmony between two worlds. 

More than one religion, one doctrine, shamanism is a culture, a lifestyle, an ancestral tradition which dates back to more that a 1000 years before Jesus-Christ. 

Whether it be natural catastrophes, illnesses, wars or simple conflicts, the Shaman is the one that people turn to in order to re-establish the " correct order " of things. 
For that, he travels around the invisible world, enters into contact with the Spirits, interacts with them and sometimes incorporates them in order to obtain their powers temporarily. Therefore, he can bring into the visible world, remedies and solutions which will help to heal, harmonize, reduce... the troubles and the illnesses " on Earth ". 

In order to complete this journey, the shaman needs to enter into a state of trance. Therefore he uses different breathing, meditation and concentration techniques. Additionally, in order to obtain the necessary State of consciousness, the Shaman uses tobacco, alcohol, hallucinogenic herbs or other psychotropic substances, which will facilitate their visions and their interpretation. 

Throughout his trance, he is aware that the Shaman is talking. Don't try and understand him, he is not talking to you, but to the Spirits that he is interacting with.

Even though he has the power to spread good around him, the Shaman can also use them in malicious ways : spread an illness, make an enemy become possessed by an evil spirit... He is therefore just as much loved and hated by the fears of the community, in which he can exert his power part-time or full-time, having in that case a " normal " life, with a job, a family, passions...

Today, the occidental populations that we are part of, seem to be more and more open to " unconventional " medicine practices, certainly in terms of the limits of so-called " traditional " medicine. Shamanism therefore obtains more and more followers around the world. 
Since 2007, France also has a Shamanism Festival, initiated and organized by Patrick Dacquay, Shaman of celtic tradition and founder of the Circle of Wisdom. 

Neither religious, nor witch, nor mage, the Shaman is before anything else a Wise Man, an Adviser, a Healer, a Medium and his rituals have always fascinated Humans. Finally, Shamanism isn't it the oldest medicines of the body and the soul ? And you, what do you think ?  

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